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Hello everyone,

I will be offering a samba dance class on Thursday February 22nd, 7-8pm (we will start shortly after we finish zumba class).

Samba is a Brazilian dance which we have done in Zumba. There is also a ballroom version of samba which incorporates some of the  Brazilian movements and in Zumba we use a mix of Brazilian samba and ballroom samba moves.  I love samba. When I competed, samba was one of my favourite dances, because of the combination of movement across the floor and dynamic rhythms.

I’m going to design the class like I did for the cha cha class we did recently (video on facebook here). We’ll do a routine and I will incorporate familiar moves from Zumba and do some technique and breakdown, and also a bit of new stuff to challenge you a bit, but it won’t be too hard!

$10 per person if you have a Zumba pass, or $15 otherwise. Anyone is welcome, it will be beginner friendly. Online registration or in person.

Wear your Zumba shoes, or if you are feeling up to it, dance specific heels or shoes are good too.

Happy dancing everyone,


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Hello dancers,

A couple of announcements looking ahead to February:

Zumba STRONG – Thursday February 15th

I am very excited to announce that Wanda, a Zumba & Fitness Instructor will be offering a Zumba STRONG class on Thursday February 15, 7-8pm at Dovercourt House, 3rd floor. She will also be subbing the regular Zumba class that day at 6pm.

A lot of people have been raving about this new programme by Zumba. Everyone I know who has done the training, loves it. I have had a little taste of it myself at a conference last year, and I think some of you will love it. It is a fitness class, not a dance class, but it incorporates music in a motivating and fun way like a regular Zumba class. This class combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music. Be prepared to feel STRONG! Wear and bring what you would to a Zumba class PLUS bring a yoga mat.

The Zumba STRONG class is FREE if you have a Zumba month pass or 10-class pass. Drop-ins are welcome too: $15 for the class or $20 for both classes. More about the class and Wanda here. I really encourage you to come out for this and try it.

Zumba on Family Day – Monday February 19th

I am moving the class on Monday February 19th from 6pm to 10:45am. I hope this works better for most of you!

Keep dancing everyone,


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Early Bird Special for Wedding Dance Workshop Sunday May 6, 2018. Space is limited so book early! Details here

Here is a sample video from one of the Wedding Dance workshops from last year:

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