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Zumba Holiday Specials and Schedule

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Hello everyone,

Wishing you all a wonderful month of December! A few things to note:

Holiday Schedule:
There will be no class on Dec 24 & 25 and Jan 1. All other classes are on as normal 😊

Holiday Specials:
In addition to the regular zumba packages I offer year-round, you can also grab one of these packages until Christmas. Feel free to gift to yourself or anyone else:
3 Zumba Classes for $35
5 Zumba Classes for $55

If you want a gift certificate, email me or see me in class.

Month Pass Holders:
If there is a month you are not able to come as often to zumba, you can do drop-ins at $10 per class, provided you buy a month pass the month before and after.

Wishing you all well over this month which I know for many of you will be busy. Don’t forget to stay present, enjoy the moment, stay connected to what really matters to you, and continue to take good care of yourself on all levels.

Keep dancing,

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Salsa routine in Zumba class now

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Thanks to these awesome ladies who stayed after class to film this salsa routine. Enjoy!

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Zumba moves and grooves

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Here is one of our current Zumba routines. A few of us filmed this after class. Enjoy!

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